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Panasonic Camera

The Panasonic Series Of Digital Cameras

Executive Summary about Panasonic Camera by Ryan Array & Cameron Keebler


Digital Camera Panasonic

Digital Camera Panasonic

Panasonic is a well respected name around the world due to their high quality line of consumer electronics, so it was only natural that Panasonic digital cameras retain the same high quality.


The company manufactures a wide selection of products, and has a policy of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. The company has also joined with Leica, a German camera company, to produce still digital cameras. Panasonic is still a small player in today’s digital market, and hopes that this alliance with Leica will allow both companies to take a large percentage of the digital camera market share.

The most recent series of Panasonic cameras consists of three main lines. The Lumix digital camera series is produced by Panasonic and uses high quality lenses provided by Leica. The D-Snap line of digital cameras is produced to give a smaller and less expensive alternative.

The target audience for D-Snap cameras is teenagers and young people who are looking for a good camera that will fit their budget. The D-Snap line of cameras can record videos and play music, which is a popular feature for today’s young people.

Panasonic is continuing to succeed at maintaining its well-respected name, as well as build a great reputation for itself in the digital camera world.

Panasonic Camera Type

Panasonic camera consist of 2 main type , Compact Cameras and System Cameras. LUMIX models are offered various advanced functions such as high-powered zoom, wide-angle lens, Intelligent Auto (iA) function, which combines MEGA O.I.S., Face Detection, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Exposure and AF Tracking, and more

Panasonic Compact Cameras have several models :

–       premium models (LX3, FX150, FX 500, TZ50)

–       Powerful Zoom Models (FZ28, TZ5, TZ4, FZ50, FZ8)

–       Wide-Angle Lens Models (FX37, FS20,FS5, LZ10)

–       Simple & Compact  Models (FS3, LZ8, LS80)

Panasonic System Cameras are Lumix G Microsystem, Digital SLR Cameras, & Interchageable Lenses

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