optical zoom digital camera

optical zoom digital cameras


Optical Zoom Digital Camera

Optical and Digital Zoom Camera

Executive Summary about optical zoom digital camera by Alex Don & Review Host


optical zoom digital cameras

optical zoom digital cameras

Most mid-priced digital cameras have an incorporated 3x/4x lens. These numbers refer to optical and digital zoom. Anyway, in digital cameras here are two types of zoom, an optical and a digital one. Optical zoom is the one similar to the zoom of a traditional camera.


Digital zoom, on the other hand, simulates zooming by blowing up a selected part of the picture. Optical zoom is much more important in a digital camera and it should be the one used as a criterion when comparing different models instead of digital or total zoom.

What this means in terms of output is you may have a larger view of an object with the digital zoom, but chances are your image will become unfocused. Details will become lost. It is actually best to turn off the digital zoom feature of your camera if possible. This will prevent you automatically zooming in too close as the digital zoom is often an extension of the optical.

The quality of a digital camera is more dependent on optical zoom. At most it can refer to the fact that a camera has both types of zoom functions, digital and optical. Traditional cameras like 35 mm or APS only had optical zoom.

Optical zoom uses an incorporated lens to bring the image closer to the photographer. Professionals associate digital zoom with digital video cameras. People sometimes compare optical zoom to resolution when they purchase a digital camera.

Digital zoom has its place. It can be used if the only destiny of your photo is the internet. Photos online can be a much lower quality in the camera and still appear acceptable when sent through e-mail or posted on a web gallery.

If your goal is printing, however, seek a camera that has a greater optical zoom and turn off the digital zoom

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