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Executive Summary about Nikon Digital Cameras By Mike Freije & Articles Manager


Nikon coolpix digital cameras

Nikon coolpix digital cameras

Nikon Digital photography is quickly becoming the preferred way to take pictures. If you are in the market for a new camera, consider the following advantages of digital over traditional film photography.


Sensor Megapixels : This is the single most commonly quoted spec in a digital camera is the megapixel (MP) count. Surely you’ve heard it, “this camera has 2 million more pixels than that camera.” If it were dollars we were talking about, fine, but in a digital image, it’s just dots.

Battery Type : This, today has come down to two options. Currently most use the lithium cells. The big advantage is battery power and size. Lithium Ion batteries can be smaller and can accommodate high capacities. Lithium Ion batteries are more expensive which sometimes can be pricey if you plan on having second or third batteries.

Optical zoom works much like the zoom lens on a 35 mm film camera. It changes the length of your camera’s lens and draws the subject closer to you. This will prevent you automatically zooming in too close as the digital zoom is often an extension of the optical.

All nikon digital cameras come with an owners manual, but so few people take the time to read it.

Easy to Use Nikon Digital Cameras

Camera is an option of capturing the beautiful moments of life. Continue improvements of camera have changed methods of capturing. Digital cameras has changed the methods of capturing photos and videos.

There are many cameras manufacturers available in the photography market, but Nikon digital cameras has occupied a special place in the photography market as well as in the heart of users. All digital cameras are good for something, but users want clear and detailed image captured by the camera.

For that Nikon digital cameras are suitable for you. Nikon produced less expensive units of their professional cameras. Nikon houses a top cameras manufacturer reputation in the photography world. Digital cameras are loaded with hi-speed USB card reader, memory card, lenses and LCD screens.

This newly launched digital cameras equipped with 12.1 mega-pixel FX-format sensors. Nikon P4 houses 8 mega-pixels with 2.5 inch viewing screen with auto mode. Nikon S50C offers 7.2mega-pixels and houses a wireless interface.

This camera is impressive with 3 inch viewing screen, three times optical and four times digital zoom.

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