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canon digital cameras lenses


Digital Cameras Lenses

Discussing Several Varieties Of Digital Camera Lenses

canon digital cameras lenses

canon digital cameras lenses

If you are using a single lens reflex camera and want the best photo every time you take a shot you will become experienced with interchangeable digital camera lenses. Interchangeable lenses are constantly improving due to technological advancements and additional features being added, so if you are serious about your photography you will most likely want to keep up with these advances.

A telephoto lens is useful for shooting items that are far away or very small. They are also very useful for shooting portrait as they compress the background which draws attention to the subject. Also you can shoot photos without having to be as close to the subject, which can add comfort to photo shoots.

A super-telephoto lens is often three hundred millimeters and above and can be used for sports events and wildlife photos. The extreme magnification means you do not have to be as close to the action but still get the up close photo. Although these lens are often very heavy and most often used with a tripod for support, they are popular at sporting events.

A wide angle lens adds a spread distance to photos when used. It can add distance between subjects that are closer than they appear in the resulting photo. They allow for depth to be added to photo and are great for panoramic shots. This type of lens will be good for taking group photos or exterior shots of larger buildings.

A macro lens is used to take photos of very small subjects, such as insects, coins or jewelry. However macro lenses are often at their sharpest at macro focus distances, so they may not be as sharply focused at other distances. Macro lens photography can be tricky as a millimeter of distance from the point of focus can result in a blurry out of focus area.

Zoom lenses extend the range of shooting available with variable focal lengths. There are two types of zoom lenses; a parfocal lens will maintain the image focus as the focal length changes. The varifocal lens will lose focus while zooming.

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