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canon eos slr camera


Canon SLR Camera

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Executive Summary about canon slr camera by ottidid & Scott Timberman


canon eos slr camera

canon eos slr camera

Canon is a famous brand in the field of digital devices. Canon digital cameras are considered as the most excellent cameras amongst various others. Read on to know what features make Canon cameras so outstanding.


Digital cameras have changed the definition of photography. A large number of electronic equipment manufacturing companies across the world have moved into manufacturing digital cameras. Nowadays, most of the photographers usually purchase the canon cameras to obtain better quality of imagers.

About Canon

Canon means “authoritative scriptures”. This phrase implies accuracy, which is the foundation of Canon digital cameras. The company has produced a large number of digital products till now, digital camera being one of the best.

Canon has produced cameras for everyone; right from the household users to professional movie makers. Canon digital cameras are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, styles and of course prices. One can choose the Canon cameras depending on these factors.

Digital features of Canon

Digital cameras by Canon possess enormous number of features. To start with, Canon digital cameras are made user friendly. If you happen to see a Canon camera advertisement, it emphasizes on the utility value of Canon cameras with easy to use functionality.

The best thing about digital camera is that, unlike film cameras, you can delete unwanted images. The quality of Canon cameras grew over the past years. The speed of capturing images and numerous frames also increased as new models of Canon cameras were launched.

Canon SLR Digital Camera

Canon SLR Digital Camera offers an unassailable mix of actions, responsive and competitive elements. The camera boasts of a freshly styled 10.1 Mega Pixel Canon CMOS sensor.

  • 2.5-inch LCD monitors
  • Extraordinary EOS Integrated Cleaning System with a Self Cleaning Sensor
  • Canon’s Picture Style know-how.
  • Lightweight, user friendly build

Company’s Commentary

The Canon SLR Digital Camera’s matchless attributes stand proof to our assertion to be the undeniable leader in our outstanding digital SLR expertise.

  • 10.1-Megapixel APS-C Size CMOS Sensor reproduces images with exclusive clarity and quality limit, and provides the highest number of pixels in its kind.
  • DIGIC II Image Processor created newly for Canon Digital SLR cameras and supplements every aspects of reproducing images.
  • Swift and Steadfast, the Canon SLR Digital Camera boasts of an incredibly sensitive 2.5-inch LCD monitor priding it-self of more or less 230,000 pixels. The scenes can be observed larger on the Canon SLR Digital Camera. The reflections can be observed at a better view point (160 degrees) than majority of other usual LCD monitors.
  • A highly precise 9-Point AF method helps quick and precise focusing in any conditions by the Canon SLR Digital Camera.
  • Flash Photography: The Canon SLR Digital Camera prides itself of Canon’s renowned E-TTL II flash metering technique.
  • Dependable for Cleaning the Sensor:
  • Self Cleaning Sensor System: The low-pass filter purifies itself naturally with ultrasonic throbbing, taking away dirt from the Canon SLR Digital Camera’s sensor system.
  • Dust Delete Data Detection
  • Accessories in the bag: Canon SLR Digital Camera, EF-S 18-55 MM 3.5-5.6 lens, Strap, Battery Charger, Battery Pack, USB Interface Cable, Video Cable, Software CD Rom.

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