Canon Digital Camera Lenses

Digital Camera Lenses


Canon Digital Camera Lenses

Tip Before Purchase Canon Digital Camera Lenses

Canon Digital Camera Lenses are not interchangeable between different brands of Digital Cameras. While some 3rd party lenses can come with interchangeable camera mounts, most of them don’t.
If you want to buy a Canon Digital Camera lenses, a logical process to consider when choosing lenses for you

1. Choose the desired Focal Length

– A low focal length will allow you to take photographs which capture a wider image.

2. Do you want a prime lens or zoom lens

– Prime lenses have a fixed focal length, which means you cannot zoom in and out. Zoom lenses allow you to get a close up to the object without having to physically move any closer to it.

3. Select the desired maximum aperture

– A large aperture (low f/Stop number) allows lets more light into the camera which therefore allows you take better photographs in lower light and indoors.

4. Branded lenses or third party lenses

Branded lenses are the gold standard, especially if you are buying from a quality manufacturer like Nikon or Canon. However, 3rd party lenses have improved significantly over the years to now present an excellent and affordable alternative to accompany your Canon Digital Camera. If you are an enthusiast just beginning, it may be well worth starting with a good tamron or sigma lenses before deciding on how seriously you want to pursue photography.

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