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Camera Megapixel

Megapixel Camera : How Many Megapixels Actually Do You Need?

Executive Summary about Camera Megapixel By Joe Duchesne & Michael Carr

digital camera megapixel

digital camera megapixel

Knowing which megapixel camera to buy can be intimidating. There are literally hundreds of models of digital cameras out on the market today.

Camera Megapixel : The More the Merrier

For the most part, I would suggest that you get the highest megapixel rated digital camera you can afford.

What are megapixels anyway?

The more pixels in the image, the more detail the camera can capture. The higher the megapixels, the larger the photograph that can be produced and still be photo quality.

How many megapixels do you need?

Probably the most significant feature when choosing a digital camera is the number of megapixel, which determines the quality of your photos.

The prices, however, can fluctuate wildly based on extra features, and the cost per megapixel is constantly getting lower and lower

2 megapixels or less

  • This is typically found on smaller, inexpensive cameras or cameras in combination with other devices (such as cellphones or PDAs).
  • It will be hard to make a high-quality print of any size, but these are just fine for e-mailing photos or posting photos for a personal web site.
  • I wouldn’t recommend it for family portraits or if you really need a nice-looking print.

3 megapixels

  • This is actually a good compromise between picture quality and low price for most casual photographers.
  • You can print lovely 4×6 images, decent 5x7s and, depending on the camera, might even knock out a good 6×9 or 8×10.

4-5 megapixels

  • Hello, enlargements! This will produce beautiful 8x10s, and even a nice 11×14.
  • Now you are getting closer to professional photographer levels, and the quality shows it.

6 – 10 megapixels

  • Wonderful image quality, but high price tags. You can print large photos, even 11×14 or perhaps more, with satisfying results.
  • There are some high-megapixel cameras coming out with lower price tags than most, but they usually have very few features.

10 megapixels up

If you have unlimited funds, great. If you’re like the rest of us working stiffs, you don’t want to waste money on extras you don’t need.

Higher megapixels means larger image sizes, which in turn means more expensive memory cards and more space devoured on your computer’s hard drive.

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